Memorial Day is when many people start to follow the baseball standings more closely as it can give somewhat of a read on how a team is going to fare since Memorial Day Weekend usually marks a fourth of the way through the season.  Obviously there is still a lot of baseball yet to be played and the standings now will almost certainly not be the standings at the end of the season but they can show where a team is headed and sand teams will start to assess what they need to win their division while others may begin to start looking ahead to next year and start to shop some of their pricier players around in the hopes of cutting expenses.  Some teams like the Chicago Cubs and Minnesota Twins are coming to terms with the fact they are most likely not going to win their division or even be a contender.  Outside of beating the Cardinals several times already this year the Cubs have been unable to garner many more wins and will most likely try to trim payroll and continue the process of remaking the team.  The Twins on the other hand have not tradisitonally done that and are simply young and inexperienced without the luxury of being in a position to really go out and get players who can help them.