Take a trip down memory lane as bloggers Danny Batson and Gary Thomas recollect their experiences while growing up in the Chillicothe area.  We hope our discussion starters, pictures, and articles will evoke your personal recollections of Chillicothe; we invite you to share your stories with all of us.  So, let us discuss the days gone by and have fun!


Editor’s Note:

I did an recent article featuring our iconic Miss Virginia Wall. She doesn’t have or care to have a computer. Further, she said she would not be able to read this article due to vision issues. I am sending her hardcopy in a special format that should help a great deal.

Incidentally, she has gotten waaay behind in her correspondence and genuinely thankful for your many kind thoughts.  She has asked me to express to her 7000 students a profound Thank You!

My recommendation is to use the "Print Preview" feature and change the "shrink to fit" setting to 125%; the left and right margins settings at the top must be adjusted to reduce the margins to ensure no text is lost.  

The "zoom" feature for the internet browser for reading the screen is useful; see the Tools menu and select a higher magnification.

I have received feedback that there are a number of people that read our articles in hardcopy and do not even care to own or use a computer. Likely, many of these readers could benefit from such features. It most certainly helps me nowadays.

Finally, Miss Wall, “waaay” is okay and may be in standard use….I dunno.