But it's hot outside, we kids would say, and our moms would say "It's going to get hotter inside if you don't go outside and play." My aunt lived southeast of Chillicothe toward the river bottoms in an old two story farm house. She had four kids, three girls and one boy younger than me. One of the girls was my age and the other two were older but we were not that far apart in age, so we all had fun together.

There was only so much we could do on this farm to have fun, the front yard was all we had to play in. It did have an old smoke house where someone hung themselves. I think all farms had a similar story about the smoke house back in the 50's.

Down the road in their neighbor’s field was a pond we could swim in if one of the adults went with us. That was always fun and cooling except for the snakes. We would play games in the yard like tag and hide-n-seek. When we could find a ball we would play “Annie-Over” the shed because the house was too tall and if we missed, the second story window got broken. Believe me, we tried.

Our parents would bring out watermelons to cool us off in the evenings. Then we would have a seed spitting’ contest. Talk about flies, we had our share. Then it would be time for more fun and games.

The one I liked the best was the “getting dizzy” game. We would spin around and around until we walked like drunks and fell down. We would laugh so hard our bellies would hurt. The two bigger girls would hold us under our arm pits and spin us around them, sometimes we would slip out of their hands and away we would fly.

A rope swing was around on every farm back then, and we would wind someone up on it and spin them around so fast they could hardly hold on. Maybe that's why I'm a little dizzy today. Only kidding.

As night came on we would ask to sleep outside, no tents back then for us poor kids. A blanket on the ground and a light sheet on top was all we needed before the morning came. We told stories until we fell asleep one by one. Spook stories were the best, like “The Golden Arm.”

Those were some of the fun times with my cousins, which will always be with me. I'm a lot older now but the spinning around in a swing I still do along with some of the other stuff. So, maybe I still have a little ways to go before I grow up completely.