The Livingston County Jail recently experienced damage to their electrical outlets which, as a result of recent criminal action, has led to significant response for the entire building.

"As of noon [Tuesday], we have removed all televisions from the jail areas, as we are mandated to treat all detainees equally," said Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox. "In Missouri, it is a felony to damage jail property, regardless of value.

"Historically we spent tax money on repairing damage to electrical outlets and [their] locked protective covers when detainee(s) would break these to enable access to the electrical current," he added.

Cox said that detainees would force items into the electrical outlet to permit one or more detainees light contraband or dried spinach, beans, or peas to smoke.

"Our current jail repairs budget is exhausted," Cox said. "Last month, we explained to the detainees the next damage to the electrical system would result in the loss of their televisions. [Monday], detainee(s) in cell area six broke the locked electrical cover, damaged the electrical outlet, and left obvious burn markings on the outlet."

The detainees were advised of the problem, and told that if LCSD officials witnessed additional damage to the jail property, that the only area left to spend money for needed repairs from is the jail's food budget.

An investigation into the identity of the suspect(s) who damaged the jail property is currently underway. The LCSD also has an electrician coming to the facility to render the electrical outlet(s) completely safe.

The Livingston County Jail is a 48-bed facility. They currently have 43 persons in custody at this time.