The Livingston Paranormal Society — in conjunction with the Boji Stone, Grand River Realty, and the Coalition for Cultural Awareness — is searching for the most haunted place in Livingston County.

The society has officially announced an upcoming contest, in which local persons and businesses may submit their locales for an unhindered paranormal investigation, targeting the most haunted place within the county for public notoriety.

To enter the contest, persons or businesses must fill out and sign a contest entry form, which includes information such as name, phone number, address, investigation location address, a brief description of believed paranormal activity in the area, and when a good time to contact might be.

"By filling out this form you are allowing the Livingston Paranormal society to perform an investigation in your location," says the entrance form. "You must own the property you are entering in this contest or have written permission from the owner to allow an investigation. A 10 dollar entry fee will be required, and can be paid at the time of the investigation. By entering you agree that all footage and media taken while on the investigation can be used by the LPS for the purposes of the contest, and to keep a documentation of the investigation available to the public, unless other agreements have been made by both the owner and the LPS. You also agree that the LPS is not responsible for any changes in activity in the location, or for incidental damages resulting from the investigation."

The contest winner is promised a $100 prize, a submitted article in the local newspaper, and possible other prizes awarded by the contest's sponsors.

The winning location will be announced at the LPS' annual Halloween Ball, held at the Litton Ag Center on Oct. 20.

The final date to accept entries will be Saturday, Sept. 15.

The investigations for each entry will be posted on the LPS' Facebook page, at

For questions or comments please got to the aforementioned webpage, or call (660) 214-0953 (on Mondays and Tuesdays only).