On a hot day in July, a yellow tabby kitten wandered up the stairs of the Livingston County Library. Weighing in at less than 2 pounds, he was hot, malnourished and very thirsty. After learning from a patron that the kitten was a stray that he has been feeding for several weeks, the staff at the Library decided to adopt the young cat.

After a visit to Dr. Christina Venner, "Dewey" was given a clean bill of health and was put on a regular vaccination schedule. A coffee can was set up for donations so that no library funds are used to support Dewey. Dewey continues to thrive and has proven to be a gentle, well behaved addition to the Library family.

Dewey spends most of his time on the third floor of the Library, which houses the staff offices but has begun to make regular visits to the Children's Library and Adult Services area.

Dewey is named after a famous library cat that lived at the Spencer Public Library in Spencer Iowa for 18 years and who is the subject of the bestselling book, "Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World," by Vicki Myron.

"Our Dewey looks so much like the original Dewey and since Dewey is a name associated with libraries, it was a natural choice for a name," states Library Director Robin Westphal.

"Cats in libraries are not uncommon. There are 12 current or former library cats in Missouri and over 200 living in libraries in the United States. Cats make great reading companions and we've always noticed how Dewey has brightened many people's day," commented Westphal.

Members of the public can visit Dewey on Facebook by searching for "Dewey the Livingston County Library Cat," or may be seen in person at the library.