A two-story house just outside the Chillicothe city limits on Old Highway 190 was totally destroyed in an early morning fire today (Tuesday).

The house belonged to JP Morgan Chase Bank, and was unoccupied at the time.

The fire call came in at 4:37 a.m., and the Chillicothe Fire Department arrived on the scene at 4:45 a.m.

Upon arrival, firefighters found the structure (11638 Old Hwy.. 190) fully engulfed in flames. Due to the rural setting, Chillicothe requested mutual aid from Wheeling, Chula, and Utica fire departments, to respond with tankers for water supply.

When firefighters arrived, they found the structure with fire inside the entire first floor, front of the house, and into the second story. The front porch had fire extending up the front of the house as well. All windows were out of the structure.

The firefighters requested the utility company to be contacted to respond, also. The propane tank on the property was shut off and the electric meter was locked out and off.

Firefighters set up a portable tank and used tankers to shuttle water from the city fire hydrant. Water supply was depleted while waiting for other tankers, so firefighters connected to a hydrant a block east of the fire.

Firefighters utilized tankers and a hydrant for water supply until firefighters had enough and then they released mutual aid tankers. Fire had spread throughout the structure, and the structure was a total loss. The department utilized pumper 329 to wet a structure to the east where hot embers were blowing.

Firefighters remained on the scene until the fire was all contained to the basement, where debris had collapsed in.

The Livingston County Sheriff's office also responded, as well as the state fire marshal, to conduct a criminal investigation to determine the cause of the fire. The house recently was the location of a court-ordered lock out.

"Essentially, we were required by court to assist in changing actual possession of the property," said Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox. "The deputies reported at that time that one of the occupants allegedly openly made comment they would burn the house."

Findings of the investigation have yet to be determined.