When Avery Carr, a band student at Chillicothe High School, first came to his dad, Chris, about redesigning the CHS band trailer, the immediate response he received was a resounding "no."

"'Do you know how much that would cost to do?' I asked him," Chris said. "'Do you know how long that would take?'

"But after thinking it over, we decided to do it."

Chris is the owner of The Carr Shoppe, with his wife Liana, located at 70 Cherry Street in Chillicothe. It's a body shop in town.

Avery is a sophomore at the high school. He's 15. He designed the trailer's new design — a sleek red at the back, which converges to a point three-quarters of the way up the haul, where a white line divides it from an open-mouthed black that circles the front, then repeats on the other side. At the back, the words "CHILLICOTHE MARCHING HORNETS" are stamped in black lettering over the red. Avery modeled the design off of the band's brand new marching uniforms, which they received also this year, with assistance from an anonymous benefactor. He laid out several designs before settling on this one, based upon the uniforms.

"I'm very proud of my son," Chris said.

It's still the same trailer as before — the same one the band used last year, and the year before that, ad nauseum, to haul their uniforms and instruments to various events.

"The Chillicothe High School Band uses this trailer all year for all of their out of town symphonic band and marching band competitions," said CHS Band Director Sarah Cavanah.

The last redesign done on the trailer is estimated to have occurred at or around 1992, per Cavanah.

Kyle Moss, an auto body technician with The Carr Shoppe, assisted greatly in the painting of the trailer, as well as the additions of new fenders, interior lights, and approximately 1,000 stainless steel screws on the body. Per Chris, the facelift took approximately two weeks to complete. And all of this was included in the donated effort by the Carr family.

"Liana was also thoughtful enough to include much-needed men's and women's deodorant and an air freshener as well," said Cavanah

"Last year, the trailer was white, and it was faded so much that you could hardly read what was written on it. We're just so grateful for all of this."

The Chillicothe High School Marching band will be competing in this upcoming Saturday's (Sept. 22) 43rd Annual Carrollton Band Day. The Marching Hornets step off around the square in Carrollton in class 4A competition at 11:26 a.m. The CMS 8th grade band will compete in the middle school division at 10:30 a.m.