The Missouri Department of Conservation will have its annual fall driving tour through the Poosey Conservation Area on Sunday, Oct. 21. This will be the 26th year that the area has opened its roads and trails to the public to view examples of the department's habitat management practices and to see vibrant fall colors.

This year is the 75th anniversary of the creation of the department of conservation. Displays will highlight the history of the department and the contributions made by citizens and professionals to fish, forest and wildlife conservation in Missouri. As always, resource management practices will be described at various points along the route. Included will be stops explaining prairie grass ecology, noxious weed eradication, forest management, fisheries management, crop field and wildlife habitat management. There will be resource professionals present to explain management techniques, and to answer questions.

The gates will open at noon, and the last cars will be allowed through at 4 p.m. The tour route will begin at Pike's Lake on the northeast side of the area, and will allow visitors to drive through the historical area known as "Poosey." Historic sites, such as the Panther's Den, will also be included.

The roads will be graded and mostly graveled for easy travel; however, 4-wheel drive and high clearance vehicles are recommended. The tour route will take approximately one hour to complete without stops. Allow more time for stops and discussion.