A little over $4,000 was awarded to teachers across the Chillicothe R-2 School District on Tuesday morning, in the form of Chillicothe Education Foundation mini-grants.

A small aggregate of Foundation members, consisting of President Ed Douglas, R-2 Superintendent Dr. Roger Barnes, Directors Lindy Chapman and Inger Young, Secretary Brenda Fellhoelter, and former school board liaison Julie McCoy, visited Chillicothe High School, Field School, Central Accelerated School, Garrison School, Chillicothe Middle School, and Dewey School, between the hours of 8:15 and 10 a.m., passing out moneys totalling $4,008.01, split among 10 teachers and teacher groups within the district.

High school drama teacher Lisa Rule was the first visited by the CEF "prize patrol." She received a check worth $304.36, towards her project "Seven Habits for All of the Teens."

At Field School, second grade teacher Heather McGraw was awarded $379.86 for mentor texts in her class' Writer's Workshop, and a group of third grade teachers (Tiffany Acree, Katie Maples, Tracy Miller, Terria Cox, Billie McGraw, and Gracie Bonderer) were given $498.54 for "Cha-Ching! Grocery Store Math." Music instructor Dan Venner was given $500 towards the purchase price of ukuleles for his classes.

Central's awardees included a group of fourth grade teachers (Lacey Carpenter, Ellen Gott, Bryan McKay, Lindsey Neal, Sophie Pyrtle, and Jana Shira), who received $400 for their collective project, "Boomers Helping Bloomers."

Patricia Howard ($250, "Won't You Please Read to Me") and Margie Albertson ($500, "Breaking through Language Delays") were Garrison's pre-school and special ed./Title I winners.

Howard's mini-grant is reported to be a matched fund by the Chillicothe Rotary Club, thus accounting for the lower total amount.

"We only covered partials on some of [the grant requests]," Fellhoelter said Wednesday. She stated that she could recall the fourth grade teachers group had requested $500 in funds, but that the Foundation only provided $400 because the remaining costs were for T-shirts.

A pair of sixth-grade teachers received the Chillicothe Middle School's CEF mini-grants. Math teacher Tim Riekena was given $425 for use in a math competition for the sixth grade. Kaycee Kaufman (language arts) received $250.25 for her project, "Life-Changing Writing Experience."

The final awardees of the morning came in the form of another group — the trio of Dewey first grade teachers Kari Snyder, Andrea Marriott, and Brooke Wolf — to the tune of $500, for their project "Writing for Life: Journalists in Action."

The committee which selected the mini-grant winners consisted of Young, Chapman, Fellhoelter, McCoy, and new school board liaison Robin Westphal (who was unable to attend the awardings Tuesday due to her daughter's district tennis meet). Per Fellhoelter, Grand River Technical School's Roger Wolf gets the applications out and then collects them for the CEF, in August. The selection process took place on Thursday, Sept. 20. Thirteen applications were submitted this year, with 10 being accepted.

Said Fellhoelter, the reason behind the exclusion of those three applications was "because they [dealt with] technology or electronics, and the school thought that they could help with their costs."

This year's mini-grant total ($4,008.01) is $7.91 more than last year's $4,000.10. Four thousand dollars in mini-grants were awarded the two school years prior to that.