JEFFERSON CITY – State Representative Mike Lair, R-Chillicothe, was appointed by the Romney-Ryan campaign to serve as Honorary National Co-Chair of the Educators for Romney Committee. Lair is one of fifteen education advocates nationwide to advise the campaign on reform measures that put students first.

"This appointment is a tremendous surprise and honor," said Lair. "I believe that the decision to choose me revolved around three things. First, I have had a foot in both worlds, as a four-decade teacher and a multi-term legislator; I can see both sides of the coin as to the funding of K-12 schools and education reform. Secondly, my feelings on education reform are realistic. I do not want to see change for the sake of change; however, when it comes to failing schools especially, doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results is ludicrous. Lastly, my educational leadership roles in the General Assembly as Education Appropriations Chairman and Vice-Chair of the Joint House/Senate Education Committee provide a platform to influence policy."

The Chair of the committee is Rod Paige, Former United States Secretary of Education. The other fourteen co-chairs include state school board members, administrators, and state legislators with an education background.

Honorary National Co-Chairs

— Kristi LaCroix, Teacher, Lakeview Technology Academy – Kenosha, Wisconsin

— John Giotis, Headmaster, The School of the Immaculata – St. Petersburg, Florida

— Joan Moorhead, Teacher, Williams Intermediate School – Davenport, Iowa

— John Lyons, former Chairman, New Hampshire State Board of Education

— Eileen Weiser, Michigan State Board of Education

— Debe Terhar, President, Ohio State Board of Education

— Pam Benigno, Director, Independence Institute – Education Policy Center, Colorado

— Mike Lair, Missouri State Representative

— Scott Hammond, Nevada State Assemblyman

— Jerry Tillman, North Carolina State Senator

— Bernie O'Neill, Pennsylvania State Representative

— Harry Blevins, Virginia State Senator

— Kirk Cox, Virginia State Delegate

— Lee Ware, Virginia State Delegate