A lower court decision in a lawsuit involving three current and former members of the Green Hills Regional Planning Commission, the Green Hills Rural Development, Inc. and the city of Chillicothe has been affirmed by the Missouri Western District Court of Appeals, according to the Trenton Republican-Times.

The two-count suit was orignally filed in Grundy County by Michael Johns, former executive director of the RPC, who alleged taxpayer fraud and civil conspiracy involving the sale of a railroad from the RDI to the city of Chillicothe. Named in the original lawsuit, the newspaper reported, were Jackie Soptic, Elaine Loghry, Jerry Ann Robbins, the RDI and the city of Chillicothe and RPC Director Randy Railsback, who was eventually removed from the lawsuit. The case was then approved for a change of venue to the Livingston County Circuit Court, which ruled Johns had no cause of action due to the application of the statute of limitations. He then appealed the case to the Court of Appeals, which issued its ruling last week, the Republican-Times reported.