A silver lining has allowed a local business to provide a small school with a huge benefit: air conditioning.

Citizens Bank & Trust found out a few weeks ago that its building at the corner of Locust and Jackson has to be torn down because of structural issues, leaving an almost-new, five-ton air conditioning unit without a home. The bank is donating that system to Bishop Hogan Memorial School, and will partner with Botts & Tye Air Conditioning and Heating on the installation.

Bill Young, president of Citizens Bank, is pleased to have found a win-win situation.

"When it was discovered that this system was so new, the bank decided to 'pay it forward,' and one of the first possibilities that came to mind was to move it to Bishop Hogan," said Young. "I give huge kudos to Botts & Tye for joining forces with the bank to make this happen."

Bishop Hogan Principal Pam Brobst says she is "thrilled about the generosity of Citizens Bank in considering Bishop Hogan as the recipient of this air conditioning unit, and we thank Botts & Tye, also."

"Our non-air-conditioned classrooms definitely make it harder for students to concentrate, and this will really help us out with some of our rooms," she added.

Botts & Tye representatives are working with the school to determine where the unit will be of best use; no installation date has been set yet.

Demolition of the CB&T building is scheduled to start this month, and run through mid-November. Citizens Bank will landscape the cleared lot, but that project is weather-dependent, so it may have to wait until spring.