This Friday, Nov. 2, will find the students of Chillicothe Middle School participating once again in their annual service learning project, CMS Cares Day.

On this day, CMS students will go out into the community to offer their services to help others in numerous ways. While many projects are already lined up, suggestions for still more tasks are being accepted.

"If you live within walking distance of CMS and need something with which we could provide assistance, please let us know by calling 660-646-1916," said Laurinda Davison, CMS librarian, who is helping coordinate the one-day event.

Students would also like to encourage everyone in the community to make Friday, Nov. 2, "Chillicothe Cares Day," by performing deeds of kindness within your organizations, businesses, and even as individuals.

"If you would like to volunteer to work with us, please call the middle school and let us know," Davison said. "This would be a wonderful opportunity for our young people and our community to join together for a day of giving back."