The Constitution-Tribune will be keeping you up to date on tonight's locally-contested general election results from Livingston County as they come in. Including absentee voters, Jackson/Sampsel Township, Cream Ridge/Medicine Township, Fairview/Grand River, Blue Mound/Monroe Township, Mooresville/Green Township, Wheeling, Rich Hill Township, and Chillicothe's Fourth, Third, Second, and First wards, poll tallies are as follows (the symbol "(d)" denotes a democratic candidate, while the symbol "(r)" denotes a republican candidate):

United States President

Barack Obama (d) — 1,906

Mitt Romney (r) — 4,006

United States Senator

Claire McCaskill (d) — 2,877

Todd Akin (r) — 2,592

Missouri State Governor

Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon (d) — 2,906

David Spence (r) — 2,922

United States Representative from the 6th District

Kyle Yarber (d) — 1,402

Sam Graves (r) — 4,235

Missouri State Representative for the 7th District (WITH LINN COUNTY; AWAITING GRUNDY COUNTY)

Harry Wyse (d) — 4,203

Mike Lair (r) — 5,890

Missouri State Senator 21st District

ElGene Ver Dught (d) — 1,576

David Pearce (r) — 3,889

Livingston County Public Administrator

Sherry Parks (d) — 4,208

Lisa Koenig (r) — 1,638

Proposition B (cigarette tax increase)

Yes — 2,557

No — 3,288