Today may be Election Day nationwide, but for Chillicothe Middle School students, their day to cast ballots on political races and ballot issues came last week.

The mock election was put on by the CMS Social Studies department, which includes Billy Smith, Lance Harvey, and Michael Jones.

"We spent the week before the election trying to inform the students on the differences of political parties, the election process, and the electoral college," Jones said.

The students were informed that they would have to present their school ID in order to vote. They signed a registry, and were given their ballots. The completed ballots were placed in the ballot boxes and then counted by the CMS Social Studies department. Approximately 320 students voted, and the event ran smoothly, Jones said.

"It will be interesting to see how our results compare to Missouri's and the nation's," he said.

At CMS, the election was a Republican sweep, as Mitt Romney defeated Barack Obama, with 71 percent of the votes for president; Todd Akin defeated Claire McCaskill with 46 percent of the vote for U.S. Senate; Dave Spence defeated Jay Nixon with 44 percent of the vote for governor; David Pearce defeated ElGene Ver Dught with 62 percent of the vote for State Senate; Mike Lair defeated Harry Wyse with 76 percent for State Representative; and Sam Graves defeated Kyle Yarber with 74 percent for U.S. Congress.

In ballot issue voting, the CMS students defeated Prop A (St. Louis police force), with 53 percent of the votes; passed Prop B (increasing tax for tobacco products) with 59 percent of the votes; and defeated Prop E (related to state-based health insurance) with 51 percent.