And the winner for Livingston County surveyor is...

What's that? You don't recall the position being on Tuesday's ballot?

It was.

There were no declared candidates for the position, but more than 90 voters wrote the name of an individual in the blank line provided. And, the person receiving the most votes was Randy Eckert, pocketing a whopping six votes.

This means that if Eckert meets the qualifications (one of which is being a licensed surveyor), he may choose to accept the position. The position, however, is unpaid.

Ron Urton received the next highest vote total: four.

About a dozen other people received two votes: Clint Corbin, Gil Gates, Chuck Haney, Adam Mast, Mark McGee, Steve Miller, Tom Pfaff, Tim Reger, Steve Ripley, John Hesler/Corky Hesler, Matthew Stirling, and Ken Stull.

Among those receiving single votes were Joe Shy (who served as Livingston County surveyor until his death several years ago), Mickey Mantle, Tom Douglas, Donald Duck, and Mickey Mouse.The county has not had a surveyor since Shy's death.

The write-in votes were counted Wednesday afternoon by the verification board, which consists of Louise Reasoner, Wayne Ware, and County Clerk Sherry Parks.

Parks, as the local election authority, said that she felt obligated to put surveyor on the ballot, because it is a legitimate county position.