Chillicothe City Council members conducted a public hearing Wednesday and approved an ordinance amending the city's zoning ordinances regarding parking lots and driveways.

The council's meeting date was changed to Wednesday due to the regular meeting date falling on the observed Veterans Day holiday on Monday, Nov. 12.

The parking lot measure calls for no changes for existing properties zoned commercial or industrial with gravel parking lots. However, new parking lots must be constructed with a four-inch layer of base rock, with a one-inch or smaller surface rock. Barriers, consisting of a low brick retaining wall, concrete curb, or a three-foot grass area, must be placed around new gravel parking lots. The new lots must be maintained without potholes, and must be free of weeds. New lots must also meet ADA requirements, and parking spaces are to have parking bumpers and measure nine feet by 20 feet.

The ordinance does call for existing parking lots, if expanded by 25 percent or more, to be brought up to the new standards.

No one spoke in opposition of the proposal.

Salaries for elected officials were discussed during Wednesday's council meeting, and a four percent increase was proposed for the offices of city clerk, city auditor and mayor, the same increase that was given city employees in 2012. The council is expected to vote on salaries at their next meeting, Monday, Nov. 26, before the opening of the candidate filing period on Dec. 11.

Salaries proposed are as follows:

Mayor: $15,080, plus $75 per meeting of the city council held after office hours and attended by the mayor, plus $200 per month car allowance, $100 per month phone allowance, and any other board fees the mayor is qualified for under law.

Council member: $75 for each meeting, regular or special of the city council;

City Clerk: Annual salary of $47,840, plus $75 per council meeting;

City Auditor: Annual salary of $47,840, plus $75 per council meeting;

City Attorney: Annual salary of $1;

City Constable: Annual salary of $1.

City Treasurer: Annual salary of $1.

There was discussion about paying the councilperson-at-large, who also serves as the finance chair, an extra $75 per finance meeting. Finance meetings are held monthly.

The council on Wednesday also passed an ordinance regarding a residential demolition bid. Red Rock submitted a bid of $45,000 to tear down houses at the following locations: 220 Calhoun, 316 Martin, 300 Wise, and 1111 Clay. The ordinance was approved by a 4-1 vote, with Councilwoman Pam Jarding voting against the measure.

The council took no action on a conditional use permit to stockpile concrete at a location east of the post office. The request came from Perkins Dozing, and called for allowing for the storage of dirt, rock and chunks of cement.

Also Wednesday, the council considered but took no action on an ordinance regarding a service contract with Simply Achieving Life's Triumphs organization (SALT) regarding lost or abandoned adult bicycles. Council members suggested that SALT seek bicycle donations from members of the public.

Council members also discussed the Friends of the Golf Course, which will be working with the Golf Advisory board to make recommendations of how funds raised through the Friends of the Golf Course golf tournament should be used.

Mayor Chuck Haney, who presided over the council meeting, issued a proclamation declaring Nov. 14, 2012, as Arbor Day.