Planning to have turkey for Thanksgiving next week? There’s a chance that the one you set on your dinner table may have passed through Cloverleaf Cold Storage in Chillicothe, before being shipped to the grocery store. Cloverleaf Cold Storage, located in the Chillicothe Industrial Park, holds perishable items for major food companies. This fall, the company will receive and ship, in a three-week period, 100 semi-truck loads of turkeys for Thanksgiving. Products from the local facility are shipped throughout the world, including daily shipments to Russia, China, Japan, and Central and South America. The company established its Chillicothe facility in 2005, and now provides 8 million cubic feet of refrigerated/freezer space (ranging in temperature from 34 F to minus 10 F). Chillicothe is a beneficial location because the company is near many of the raw material suppliers for these food companies. Cloverleaf receives pork, beef, and poultry from all over the Midwest. The local facility handles about 10 million pounds of product weekly. This year, the company froze and shipped 7.5 million pounds of pork ribs for a major food company. The company has 80 full-time employees.