The Chillicothe R-2 Board of Education voted on Tuesday night to follow through on suggestions brought to them by a committee regarding what to do with the old Jerry Litton Memorial Stadium property.

Committee chairman Paul Thomas presented the plan to the board, who requested a committee look into the future of the old stadium at a prior meeting of the board.

"First off, I would just like to thank the people who served on the committee," Thomas said.

Committee members included: Thomas; fellow board member Shawn Skoglund; CHS Principal and Athletic Director Dan Nagel; teacher, coach and CMS Athletic Director Tim Cool; coach and stadium caretaker Phil Willard; Vo-Tech administrator Roger Wolf; and community volunteers Brent Kline, Matt Jones, Shane Midgyett, Gil Gates, Ken Lauhoff, and Steve Whiteside.

Thomas said that the committee met twice, once at the new stadium and once at the old stadium, and held multiple telephone and face-to-face discussions regarding the topic at hand.

From these discussions, the following plan was suggested to the board:

1.) Present the following items as surplus property —

• the wooden ramp attached to the south end of the grand stands

• the small shed located near the pole vault runway

• the furthest north building with two garage doors (It was suggested that this building not be bid out until after the 2013 spring track season, as it currently houses the district's track equipment.)

• press box ("We've had interest in that," Thomas said.)

• scoreboard, metal poles, and controller

• and 25 second clock, metal poles, and controller.

To this list, the current speaker system at the old stadium, as well as the wooden posts, were amended onto the surplus property list.

2.) Donate the following items —

• signs donated by businesses for the old scoreboard, back to said businesses

• state championship sign to the Booster Club

3.) Use the remainder of the property, and possibly improve —

• have utility company remove light poles approximately halfway down, due to electrical lines and Vo-Tech parking lot lights that will need to remain on poles, while leaving one pole and lights behind the press box, because it could not be removed unless the cement grandstand area were to be removed

• store lights at old stadium, to be used later for lighting at new stadium practice field

• use the Trager building for storage

• add another bathroom to the south building eventually, and allow CMS students to use this during practice and P.E., while also using this building at additional storage

• give grandstand bleachers to Ag school to be used at Fair Grounds for additional bleachers, while using grandstand, itself, for storage, and the men's bathroom and locker room for restrooms for CMS students (Roger Wolf stated that on Tuesday he had replaced the lock on the door of the current women's restroom, which will not be used, due to plumbing issues.)

• installation of a permanent gate at the east side of the stadium, as well as a gate on the west side that would open in order to bring in vehicles, if necessary (The committee suggestion says that Roger Wolf will have these gates installed.)

Additionally, it was suggested that, rather than spending money on demolition, the district use the old stadium for storage, and spend their moneys at the new stadium. The committee asked that the grounds be kept intact enough so that CMS could utilize the old stadium field and track for practices, as well as physical education classes.

Thomas asked the board if they would like to come out and tour the grounds with the committee to see for themselves the changes they are suggesting.

"I think it might be good to let everyone take a look at it," said Skoglund.

The board, however, felt they were able to approve the committee plan without doing so.

"I'd like to see us make this an action plan," said board president David Meneely.

"If somebody's interested [in the items we have suggested be made surplus]," said Roger Wolf, "we don't want to take too long [to classify it as such]."

Board member Jason Bone brought his concerns to the table regarding not having aspects of the old stadium property available if they would ever need to use it for an official event again — specifically the bleachers.

"With us having the best new stadium in northwest Missouri, I don't foresee how that could ever happen," said board member Brent Turner.

A measure was brought to the table to put the committee's plan into action, and after a second, was voted unanimously through by the board.