Public Water Supply District No. 1 of Livingston County, Mo., will be holding an election on Tuesday, April 2, 2013.

Two positions will be open for the board of directors — one from sub-district no. two, for a term of three years, and one from sub district no. three, for a term of three years. Qualifications of a director are that they must be a citizen of the United States, a voter of the district, a resident of the sub-district they wish to represent, reside in the district for one year preceding the date of this election, be at least 25 years of age, and not be delinquent in the payment of taxes at the time of this election.

Candidates may file with Dale Wood, Clerk, Dawn, Mo., between Dec. 11, 2012, at 8 a.m., through Jan. 15, 2013, at 5 p.m.