Congratulations to Truman State’s Megan Sharpe who just received her fourth all American honos in volleyball.  Sharpe is not only an outsanding volleyball player and the first person to be a four time all American in program history but she is also an outstanding basketball player who was a major contributor to last year’s team and no doubt will be for this year’s outstanding team as well.  Obviously, Megan is an outstanding student athlete and what an honor not only for her but for Truman State as well. 

My heart and prayers are with the Kansas City Chiefs organization and the families of both Javon Belcher and his girlfriend as the deal with the tragedy that occurred early Saturday morning.  So much has been written and said about this horrific event over the past two days that there is no possible way I could say anything that hasn’t already been said.  I can’t even imagine what this young man’s mother who was in the house at the time of the murder must have gone trhough witnessing her son take the life of his girlfriend and mother of his child before driving a short distance and taking his own life.  I also can’t imagine what the Chiefs coach and general manager must be going through right now as well as they witnessed Belcher’s suicide.  Please remember them all in your thoughts and prayers. 

As if it mattered following all of that, the Chiefs defeated the Carolina Panthers on Sunday in a game in which the Chiefs offense finally seemed to come together and Brady Quinn threw his first touchdown pass in over three years.  It had to be a very surreal experience for Chiefs coaches and players alike playing the game in the context in which it was being played. 

The St. Louis Rams have now beaten everyone in their division, now if they could just beat the people outside of their division they might make the playoffs.  The Rams finally manged to defeat the 49er’s after coming dangerously close to playing them to another overtime tie.  The 49ers are definitely struggling offensively right now and the Rams were able to take advantage of that. 

We now know who will be playing for the national championship as Alabama beat Georgia in an incredible college football game on Saturday.  I’m not convinced the two best teams in the country didn’t play in that game on Sturday but Notre Dame is undefeated and deserves to be playing in the BCS title game. 

I’m still trying to figure out why Northern Illinois is playing in a BCS game and Oklahoma isn’t but I’ve never understood the BCS.  Northern Illinois has a good team but they did lose to Iowa who obviously did not have a good team.  Oklahoma played a much tougher schedule and quite frankly is more deserving of being there than Northern Illinois in my opinion but my opinion has never been taken into consideration when making such decisions.  The biggest surprise for me in the final weekend of college football before the bowl games begin was Wisconsin’s manhandling of Nebraska on Saturday night.  The Cornhuskers defense was powerless to stop the Badgers offense and Nebraska’s offense never got on track at any point during the game.  Nebraska was expected to win the Big Ten and go on to play in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day but that obviously isn’t happening and we now have a matchup of Wosconsin and Stanford who stunned UCLA two weeks in a row. 

Congratulations to the Kirksville High School girls basketball team who remained undefeated by winning the championship at the very tough Marshal Shoot Out.  Great job!

We will be back on Wednesday with our usual mid week blog looking at the goings on in the sport world.  Thanks as always for supporting this blog and please do the same for the other blogs on this site as well.

Have a terrific Monday!