Filing for the two open seats on the Chillicothe R-2 Board of Education began at 8 a.m., on Tuesday morning (Dec. 11).

The three-year terms of current board Vice President Robin Westphal and President David Meneely are up for grabs in the runoff on April 2, 2013.

Meneely announced on Tuesday that he is not seeking re-election. He has been on the board since 2009.

Westphal filed Tuesday morning, and has been on the board since 2010.

Those who announced their candidacies as of print time Tuesday were:

• Robin L. Quinn, 8 a.m., 21452 Hwy. J, Hale;

• and Robin Westphal, 8:01 a.m., 230 Garr Field Ave., Chillicothe.

Those wishing to file for school board office may do so at the district office building, 1020 West Old Highway 36, Chillicothe.

At the time of their filing, potential candidates will fill out a candidate declaration form. On this form, said person must declare that they are a citizen of the United States of America, that they are a resident taxpayer of the district, that they have resided in the state of Missouri for a minimum of one year preceding their election (if they are elected), that they are 24 years of age, and that they are eligible to hold office, in accordance with Missouri law. They cannot be serving a sentence or period of probation for a felony, or for a crime that, if committed in the state of Missouri, would be considered a felony. They must never have pled "no contest" within a criminal trial; nor can they have ever been convicted, under Missouri law — or within the law of another jurisdictions — of a felony connected with an exercise of the right of suffrage.

Candidates must provide their address, phone number, and a valid email address on their declaration.