The Livingston County Sheriff's Office and Chillicothe police have jointly been investigating two recent home which took place in the early morning hours while the occupants were sleeping. One burglary was northwest of Chillicothe and the other was inside the city limits.

The suspect(s) allegedly entered the homes and removed certain items from each residence. At least one of the laptops has family history information stored on the hard drive which is very sentimental and irreplaceable.

"We have interviewed many persons of interest," said Sheriff Steve Cox.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Brandon Simpson, 24, of Chillicothe for alleged burglary 1st degree, class B felony, and class C felony of stealing. Bond is currently set at $25,000.

Authorities have received information that Simpson may have recently fled the Livingston County area. They ask that anyone who knows his whereabouts or have information to call the sheriff's office at 660-646-0515.

"Our advice to anyone in this situation would be to surrender themselves to the Livingston County Sheriff's Office or the Chillicothe Police Department along with the stolen items, as this could make a very positive impression on the court at time of sentencing."

Authorities are currently considering seeking additional charges on one or more other persons of interest.