The Constitution-Tribune's popular blog, "Chillicothe: As We Remember," written by Danny Batson and Gary Thomas, has returned, and can once again be found on the C-T's website.

Due to website reconstruction over the course of several months, the blog was temporarily removed. However, the feature has returned, and there are several new posts.

"Chillicothe: As We Remember" debuted in August 2011 and, altogether, the duo wrote and published 50 articles within an eight-month span, before the restructuring process began.

As before, Batson writes a lot of personal stories about the good old days in Chillicothe and Thomas posts them. Occasionally, Thomas post stories related to his latest local history projects.

Batson's latest blog talks about his childhood and the lure of soapbox cart races.

"We had a steep hill on Leeper street near my house, a perfect racetrack for us kids in the neighborhood," Batson writes. "It was a little dangerous with cars turning off Washington Street (U.S. Highway 65) to Leeper to get to Greenhill's grocery store. But, of course, we didn't care, danger was what made it fun. We looked for the right parts (free was key) to build our soapbox cart. We searched high and low for the wheels and boards to make it. Greenhills had wood crates back then and heavy cardboard. Trager's Welding helped with the steering. Bailey's Garage helped with the design. The sawmill just across the railroad tracks had boards strewn about. Also, my little red wagon was not spared...."

Batson is a lifelong resident of Chillicothe, graduating from Chillicothe High School in 1969. He enjoys taking pictures of old and unusual things, and sharing them. Thomas is a 1960 CHS graduate. He has an abiding interest in history, and in researching past events, places, and people.

The Constitution-Tribune encourages feedback to the blog posts, with readers sharing memories and fostering a dialog about local history.

Another blog soon will be added to the site. Details will be announced at a later date.