Southwest Livingston County R-1 is not currently under lockdown, but did receive a visit from the Livingston County Sheriff's office and Missouri State Highway Patrol today (Wednesday, Dec. 19), gathering information and statements related to a personnel's family.

"They've actually been here most of the day," said Cinthia Barnes, Superintendent of Southwest Livingston Co. R-1 School, in Ludlow, of the officers, during talks with the C-T on Wednesday afternoon. "We are not under lockdown."

A message was sent out to R-1 parents via their SchoolReach system, on Wednesday, informing them of the situation, in an effort to "reassure all...families that our children and staff are safe."

"There have been no threats to students or staff and we want to emphasize that everyone here is safe and we are Not under lockdown," the message, cited from Barnes, herself, said. "In light of recent national events, no chances are being taken with respect to our students and staff's safety. We have been partnering with the Livingston county sheriff's office to increase security of our facility."

The message did point out that in an "unrelated incident," a firearm had been discovered during a vehicle search on the school grounds, and that said firearm had been confiscated.

"While unrelated and not a threat, we need to remind all students and patrons that Southwest Livingston Co. R-1 is a firearm free zone and we must enforce our policies regarding weapons," the message said. "We are continuing to partner with law enforcement agencies to ensure everyone's safety and we have been assured they will continue to maintain a presence at our school."