A few minor changes will be made to the Livingston County Sheriff's website, in response to the closure of the county jail in December, Sheriff Steve Cox said over the New Year's holiday.

"For the time being persons will continue to see some Livingston County prisoners booked in through our facility which is an automatic feed to our website," Sheriff Cox said. "For those who are not booked into our jail management system (JMS) here at the time of arrest, they will be booked into our JMS sometime after we receive the information from the Court and/or Daviess Dekalb County Regional Jail (DDCRJ).

"For example, if the Chillicothe Police were to arrest someone tonight, and they house them at DDCRJ, they will not show up on our website until a state charge is filed in Livingston County Court, and we enter that information into our JMS."

Linn County prisoners will no longer be on the Livingston County website, as the Linn County Sheriff's Office is now housing their inmates in the Chariton County Jail. Detainees for the City of Chillicothe will not be on the Sheriff's website, either, as they are not booked in through the department's JMS.

"Our website host will be working with the records management provider for DDCRJ, in attempt to have an automatic feed of booking information, including photos, to feed straight to our website at the time of booking," Sheriff Cox said. "If we are able to do this, I will also speak with [Chillicothe Police] Chief Rick Knouse to see if they wish to have their detainees added to our website, since they are also in Livingston County."

Cox added that the overall feedback in regards to the county office's website has been "outstanding."

"We greatly appreciate our citizens supporting and enjoying our website," he said. " We believe having the jail roster and other information on our website has enhanced safety in the community, [helped] to identify those responsible for crimes, and [has] even [detered] some criminal acts."