Livingston County Commissioners are working on this year's budget, reviewing requests from elected officials and determining what impact the closure of the county jail will have on the budget.

Because of extremely costly and critical repair needs, the county decided last month to close the county jail indefinitely. Inmates were taken to the Daviess DeKalb County Regional Jail in Pattonsburg.

"We are reviewing the impact of the different changes and what things we will have as other expenses," said Presiding Commissioner Eva Danner.

It has yet to be decided whether the county will continue to operate the 911 service or if the city of Chillicothe will take over that responsibility. The commissioners met with Chillicothe City Administrator Ike Holland today (Tuesday) to consider options. It is anticipated that a decision regarding 911 service will be made before month's end.

The county will have its first public hearing for the budget on Friday, Jan. 18, and the final hearing on Thursday, Jan. 31. The county's fiscal year corresponds with the calendar year.

Elected officials began meeting with the commissioners on Monday to present their budgets.

In looking at this year's pending budget, the commissioners will keep an eye on sales tax revenues. Last year, the county collected $969,067 in sales tax revenues, which was up from the budgeted $957,683. While the actual sales tax revenues exceeded expectations, the dollar amount was down from the previous year. In 2011, the county collected $987,303 in sales tax revenues. The Law Enforcement Sales Tax (which helps fund the sheriff's office, jail, prosecuting attorney and coroner) brought in $484,502 in 2012.