The University of Missouri Extension in Livingston County is now publishing a blog on the Constitution-Tribune's website. The blog is intended to help disseminate information about upcoming events as well as educate viewers with research-based information that is relevant, reliable and responsive to the needs of the community.

The blog is located along the right side of the C-T's homepage at Click on the "Community" tab.

The Extension's recent blogs provide information about planning for fiscal responsibility, as well as the Northwest Regional 4-H Winter Energizer, which is taking place this weekend.

Also blogging on the C-T website about local interests are Danny Batson and Gary Don Thomas, with their blog, "Chillicothe: As We Remember." Recent blogs include details about Judge Joe Slagle, who came to Missouri in 1839 and became one of the largest property holders in Livingston County during the 19th century. He was married five times.

The blogs are updated regularly and reader interaction is encouraged.