Tuesday night's regular Chillicothe R-2 Board of Education meeting is scheduled for more talk than action, per the district's released agenda.

After the agenda is approved by the board, the Chillicothe Middle School will present individuals for recognition. The Missouri Art Educator of the Year will be announced, and the school board will also present some form of recognition.

Both the food service and A+ programs are expected to receive fairly positive feedback in their reports to the board, at the hands of evaluators Brian Sherrow and Jim Ruse.

Ruse notes that the food service program's managers completed a Serve Safe certification workshop in March 2012, and that they have changed baking products and milk companies this school year.

"The managers are working on the new menu preparation and multiple changes with the goal of compliance coming in the school year of 2013-14 with the rest of the nation's schools," Ruse said, in the report.

While Sherrow's A+ program report consisted of "1" ratings ("great degree") virtually across the board, a noticeable "3" rating (considered around the "average" range) was placed in the "Develop a partnership plan, in cooperation with a local advisory committee" section.

"We have created an A+ Advisory Committee and are planning our first meeting," Sherrow said. "The Advisory Committee will update our partnership plan and work on clarifying the A+ Citizenship guidelines."

Said committee consists of Jennifer Dixon (Patient Care Manager, Hedrick Medical Center), Mike Palmer (Owner, Home Town Pharmacy), Andrea Graves (Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune), Mark Simmer (President, Chillicothe State Bank), Cindy Baker, (CHS Counselor), Ellen Tsikoyak (CHS Counselor), and Marla Herrington (GRTS Admissions).

Of note: CHS' 2012 graduating class had 66 students who qualified as A+ eligible. The class of 2013 will be filling out their FAFSAs at the end of the month. So far, 65 students from the class of 2013 are A+ eligible with that form. Another 28 will qualify if they can produce all necessary documents. Sherrow said he will be personally contacting each student to verify their eligibility status and to discuss paperwork.

The district's annual report and budget/audit report will follow.

New business on the evening will be per the norm, and will include the approval of minutes from the previous meetings, the payment of bills, and the approval of the Fund II transfer. Dr. Barnes will present the district's finance report, which shows $7,667,924.80 in receipts and $8,463,276.39 in expenditures in the month of Dec. 2012.

The total in the district's general fund is $4,074,716.35.

The total in the district's employ health care is $201,201.02.

In the administrative and board committee reports, it is worth mentioning that the Diapers 'n Diplomas program recently received $20,000 Child Care Development Grant. It required no local match, and is to be used for professional development, training aids, and equipment.

The District received a tax receipt for a donation they made to the ALS Association Keith Worthington Chapter, in the amount of $4,027.57, which is shown in their correspondence section.

An executive session is scheduled to follow Tuesday's meeting, for the purpose of discussing and voting upon real estate, litigation, students, operational guidelines and policies, and personnel.