Livingston County officials met on Friday morning to discuss and put together a tentative budget for fiscal year 2013, prior to the Jan. 31 approval deadline.

The proposed budget offers total funds available calculated to $5,740,126 with $5,435,924 in total expenditures for the coming year, for an estimated ending balance of $304,202.

Comparatively, the 2012 budget had $4,789,661 in total available funds, with $4,001,368 in total expenditures, for a "cash available" figure of $788,372.

"The county commission can make changes [to the tentative budget in the next 10 days]," said Livingston County Clerk Sherry Parks on Monday morning. Their hearing is scheduled for 9:30 a.m., on Jan. 31."

That hearing will take place in the Livingston County Commission Room, on the second floor of the Livingston County Courthouse. At that time, the budget (with possible amendments made between now and then) will be approved by the commission, for fiscal year 2013.

Of note in this year's budget:

• The commission is anticipating a three percent decrease in sales tax coming into the county in 2013, based upon viewed decreases in numbers in 2012. In all, $1,549,993 in total sales tax revenues are expected. In 2012, $1,590,681 in sales taxes were listed in budget totals.

• The commission levied a property tax increase of three cents per $100 assessed valuation on 2012's collection as part of a way to counteract the aforemention sales tax decline, which will be shown in the 2013 budget.

"[The 2012 levy is] considered a January [2013] revenue," Parks said. "It's a December [2012] collection." This is because the tax moneys don't reach the county fund until January 2013.

Parks said that the county hadn't levied taxes in 30 years prior, and that such was done "in order to provide the services we need to provide."

Property tax is budged at $145,500 in revenue in 2013. In 2012, $105,121 in total property tax was listed.

• No pay raises were budgeted into the 2013 tentative. In 2012, county employees saw a 5 percent pay increase. Prior to that, hired staff received a $600 stipend in 2011 ($300 in Feb., $300 in March). They had not received a raise since 2008, per Parks.