Sometimes the things we do in fun can have an adverse effect on others.

About every sixteen years we take a vacation. My son had just gotten his drivers license so we decided to take a trip to California and show the kids around Disney Land, Knots Berry Farm, Hollywood, Magic Mountian, and camp out on Malibu beach. Besides, my half brother lived in Anaheim along with more relatives north of Santa Barbara. After messing around LA for a week we traveled north to Magic Mountian and camped out on just north of Malibu right on the beach. I stopped in at a Malibu store and bought a styrofoam boggy board to ride the waves.

The kids were so excited to see the ocean and sand! Right away we headed for the water once we changed into our swim suits. As I was showing the kids how to use the boggy board,  it broke in half--- on the first wave! The next day I bought the better boards. The kids wanted to bury me in the sand--- so I let them, like a good dad. They had me all covered but my head, with rocks around my grave. They even used the broken boogy board as a tombstone.

Now here is where the fun begins. There were two little girls from England, one five the other sister eight, that came walking by and saw us. They asked my kids what was going on and they said--- we just buried our dad. I laid very still and my son had covered my  head with a towel. They watched for awhile and then went on.

Carolyn took some pictures of the grave with me in it and then I got up. The sand had stuck to me everywhere so I walked up to the outdoor shower to wash. While I was gone the two little english girls came back and saw that the grave was empty. My kids told them I was gone! They ran back to their mother as fast as they could... screaming.

They brought their mother back to show her that God had taken the man in the grave. The girls would not calm down until my son found me and took me back to them so they could see me. Sometimes the things we do in fun can have an adverse effect on others.