The 90-foot flag pole at Simpson Park came down Wednesday afternoon, to make room for the new Chilli Bay Water Park. Because of safety concerns, it is unknown whether this pole will be relocated. Chillicothe City Council members, however, have voiced support that flags be displayed somewhere in the park to honor veterans. The city's park board will be tasked with identifying possible sites. Jim's Welding, of Chillicothe, which took down the pole Wednesday, had relocated the pole to the park in 1987, moving it from David Rupp's gas station in south Chillicothe. At the time of its initial installation in 1976, the pole measured over 103 feet tall and was believed to have been the tallest in Missouri. On holidays, a giant American flag, measuring 20 feet by 30 feet, was flown. The pole was relocated in 1987, due to an expansion of the Wal-Mart store.