The state of Missouri on Thursday filed suggestions opposing Mark Woodworth's request for a Supreme Court rehearing.

Woodworth's attorney on Tuesday filed a motion for a rehearing, asking the Supreme Court to appoint an independent prosecutor, which was something Boone County Judge and Special Master to the case Gary M. Oxenhandler had recommended; or, as an alternative, send the case back to Livingston County.

The state had until noon Thursday, to file suggestions in response to Woodworth's motion for a rehearing.

The Missouri Attorney General's office on Tuesday filed a motion with the state's high court to retry Woodworth, who currently is serving four life sentences after being convicted of the 1990 shooting death of Catherine Robertson and the criminal assault on her husband, Lyndel.

The Supreme Court, earlier this month, stated that prosecutors failed to share evidence that could have benefitted Woodworth's defense. The court also ruled that Woodworth be released within 60 days of its decision, unless the state petitioned to retry Woodworth.