Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox has fielded several questions about the transport of inmates to the Daviess DeKalb County Regional Jail in the past weeks. None more prevalent than: "Aren't you guys on the road all the time transporting prisoners?"

Sheriff Cox has stated that, per the agreement between the Livingston County Sheriff's Office and the DDCRJ, Daviess/DeKalb officers pick up the inmates from the Chillicothe facility in "a timely manner" and transport the detainees to all court appearances and for medical care.

"Actually, in the last month, we have been able to spend much more time on criminal investigations, patrol, and spending time in area schools," stated Cox. "Just this month, we have probably been in our rural schools more then we were in all of 2012."

The agreement has also allowed the Livingston County office to alter their work schedule so that they have more staff on the night shift than before, as they no longer have to spend as much time assisting the detention officers in jail duties and guarding or transporting inmates.

"I understand there are trade offs in not having the jail open here," said Cox. "Just as there is good and bad with about everything, we are far more pleased with being better able to serve our citizens."

The Livingston County Sheriff's Office currently has an online poll at, concerning whether more tax money should go towards the renovation or replacement of the jail facility.