The city of Chillicothe may take over dispatching duties, something that currently is handled through the Livingston County Sheriff's Office.

City council members, in a closed executive session Monday evening, approved a draft agreement presented by City Administrator Ike Holland. That agreement was to be presented to Livingston County commissioners today (Tuesday), for their consideration.

If the agreement meets the county's approval, the transition could be completed by April 1. The physical transition — including information technology services and a telephone service changeover — could take several weeks, Holland stated.

Livingston County Presiding Commissioner Eva Danner said this (Tuesday) morning that she had not yet seen the final draft from the city. She said the commission and the city had been working together on the proposal, and that she believes an agreement could soon be reached.

Talks about transferring dispatching, including 911 dispatching, to the city follows last month's closure of the Livingston County Jail.