Livingston County Public Water Supply District Number 3 is planning to replace a little over seven miles of waterline near the Avalon area and Tina-Avalon School. The total cost of the project is budgeted at $915,000.

The LCPWSD3 serves the southern portion of Livingston County, as well as portions of the bordering counties of Caldwell, Ray, and Carroll in north central Missouri. Their population spread is 850 customers. Their average daily water demand is 212,000 gallons per day (gdp). Their peak demand is 318,000. Per their report to the Missouri State Department of Natural Resources regarding the replacement project, "future estimated population served for the year 2026 will be approximately 1,030 customers, with an average daily demand of approximately 290,880 gdp and 436,320 gdp for peak demand."

LCPWSD3 currently purchases all of its drinking water from the city of Chillicothe.

The current pipeline distribution system is estimated to be close to 30 years old, consisting of water mains ranging in size from two inches to eight inches in diameter. The system also includes one ground-level storage tank and three standpipe storage tanks. These can hold approximately 600,000 gallons of storage. The district uses a 125 gallon per minute pump station.

The purpose of the proposed project is to "address deficiencies caused by areas in the district served by under-sized lines and dead-end lines." The smaller waterlines in the system are expected to be replaced, and "looping of lines" will take place, to improve redundancy and hydraulic flow in the water system.

The project is split into two locations. The first goes from the town of Avalon east, dips down to the south, and then travels east again, towards Hale. The second goes south from the Tina-Avalon School, and then east.

The Avalon to Hale waterline replacement consists of 3.5 miles (18,500 ft.) of four-inch diameter waterline, 1,580 ft. of two-inch diameter waterline, a creek crossing directional bore, system connections, flush hydrants, valves, meter service reconnections, and is estimated to cost $136,080, construction-wise.

The Tina-Avalon School connection will require 2.5 miles (11,700 ft.) of four-inch diameter waterline, one mile (5,280 ft.) of two-inch diameter waterline, a creek crossing directional bore, system connections, flush hydrants, valves, a test meter, and is estimated to cost $109,070 in construction.

Unused Missouri Department of Natural Resources—SRF funds from Phase 1 of the project (this is Phase 2) total $297,079. The remainder of the project will be funded through loans and DNR grants.

No increase in water rates is expected to occur, as such was done at the onset of Phase 1. The current average residential user charge for drinking water is $40.43 per 5,000 gallons.

No relocation of people or structures is anticipated from said project.

"The district serves a growing community," states the report. "It is vital for the district to provide the proper infrastructure to ensure that growth proceeds in an environmentally sound fashion...The current problems and deficiencies will only get worse with time, creating an increased hazard to human health and preventing the growth of the community within the district, thereby hurting the local economic environment."

Predicted environmental impacts related to the project include noise from construction equipment, blowing dust, and temporary surface disruption. These are all expected to be minor and temporary in nature, and will be "minimized by good engineering practices." Any debris, such as trees and brush, will be disposed of properly.

"Erosion control measures are part of the project specifications," the report states.

The district conducted a public meeting on the scope of the improvements, the engineering alternatives, and environmental impacts of the project on Jan. 3, 2013, at the Avalon Community Center, Avalon, Mo. At the time, no adverse opinions to the project were expressed, per the report.

Allstate Consultants, of Marceline, Mo., are the contractors for the project.

The district is working to gain approved access to personal property from two landowners on the Avalon to Hale project, and from between 10 and 12 on the Tina-Avalon School project. After these approval measures have been made official, they may bid out construction services. The project is anticipated to begin in April 2013, with hopes of it being completed by the end of the year.