Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox has released the year-end report for 2012 activities.

The report shows an increase in most all categories.

There were 800 reports taken for the year, up from 704 taken in 2011. There were 328 arrests made, up from 264 the previous year.

There were 1,819 civil process papers served (not including attempts or papers unable to serve). This is up slightly from 2011's figure of 1,797.

The sheriff reported that there were 6,496 calls for service (requiring response by a public agency) last year, more than 1,000 over the previous year's figure of 5,356.

There were 5,027 911 calls received in 2012, up from 4,972 in 2011.

The sheriff's office supervised 45 registered offenders last year, compared to 37 the previous year.

There were 44 exotic animals (namely monkeys at one location) registered with the sheriff's office in 2012, up from just four the previous year.

New concealed carry weapon permits approved increased from 74 in 2011 to 101 in 2012. There were 59 CCW renewal permits last year, compared to 91 the previous year.

The average number of detainees in custody per day during 2012 was 36, down from 2011's figure of 40. In 2001, the average count was 35. The number of detainees included those being housed locally from Livingston County, Chillicothe and Linn County.