Representatives from the YMCA, the Small Business Development Technology Center, and KCHI Freedom Festival gave annual reports to Chillicothe City Council members Monday evening, and requested funds for the coming fiscal year.

Their appearances were part of the city's budget development process as council members start planning for the 2013-14 fiscal year, which begins April 1. Other entities will be presenting their reports and requests during a meeting at 5:30 p.m., this evening (Wednesday).

YMCA — Dave Rogers, director of the Grand River Area Family YMCA, said last year's funding from the city, in the amount of $14,000, went to provide YMCA adult memberships to city employees. The YMCA's practice has been to use the city's allocation first to provide memberships to the city employees. Whatever funds remain are then used to supplement the Y's summer programs, such as T-ball, coach pitch, and tennis. Last year, however, no funds remained after the memberships were paid. There are a growing number of city employees who take out memberships, and Rogers stated that if the number continues to increase, the YMCA may ask for increased funding in future years. He noted that some city employees, although they may have good intentions of utilizing the YMCA facility, do not. Others, he said, use the facility regularly, and some even take out family memberships. Rogers said that the YMCA appreciates the city's financial support, as well as being able to use the city's facilities for YMCA programs.

Small Business Development and Technology Center — Steve Holt, director of the SBDTC, provided his report to council members Monday evening.

A chart presented to the council showed the impact credited to the Chillicothe office. This included $1,244,435 in investments (equity and loans), 70 jobs created, 29 jobs retained, four business started, 60 clients counseled, and 174 attendees at various training events.

The Chillicothe SBDTC office has been in Chillicothe for more than 18 years. It is part of the statewide SBDTC network that is funded, in part, by a grant from the Small Business Adminstration, and by the regional host university (Northwest Missouri State University). The office was funded at $7,500 when it began. Last year, the funding was $7,000. The request for FY 2013-14 is to restore the funding to $7,500. Holt noted that the entire budget is spent in Chillicothe, and travel or travel-related expenses are funded through Northwest Missouri State University. The city of Chillicothe's funding is utilized for office expenses, the annual Youth Entrepreneurship Summit, local service club memberships, and local promotional activities. All funds provided by the city are spent in Chillicothe, for the benefit of Chillicothe and Livingston County residents, businesses, and organizations. The SBA mandates that all counseling services are to be provided on a free and confidential basis.

KCHI Freedom Festival — Dan Leatherman, representing KCHI Freedom Festival, is requesting $2,000 from the city to help provide fireworks for the July Fourth Freedom Festival in Simpson Park. Last year's funding of $2,000 was not used, due to an extended burn ban that led to the festival's cancellation. The same amount is being requested for this year to provide an even larger fireworks display for July Fourth, that could be tied into the inaugural year for ChilliBay Water Park.