Tim Baker
Northwest Region Horticulture Specialist

Throughout the year, I get calls from people interested in becoming Master Gardeners. They have heard about our Master Gardener (MG) training classes, which cover horticultural topics in great detail, and are ready to sign up. I always tell them that we usually start our classes in early March.
Tom Fowler is the other Horticulture Specialist in our Northwest Region. He is headquartered in St. Joseph. Since 2007, Tom and I have been offering MG classes to several locations around the Northwest Extension Region using either interactive TV or web conferencing software.
This year, Tom and I plan to start our classes on March 7th.  Our classes will run on Thursday evenings, from 6-9 PM, for 12 weeks.
Because we are conducting these electronically, we can offer the classes in almost any town, as long as a high-speed Internet connection is available.  Some of the towns that are possible locations for classes include Carrollton, Gallatin, Maryville, Plattsburg, St. Joseph, and Trenton.
There are also MG groups located in Marshall and Lexington. While there are no MG classes planned for those locations at this time, I would suggest that you let your local Extension office know if you are interested in MG training. They can keep you in mind for the next time we hold classes in those locations.
Depending on the number of students registered for each location, we are going to try to offer more “live” training this year, with on-site instructors. Since it costs more to bring instructors to every site, there would have to be a minimum of 10 students registered at a site to be able to do this. There would still be some electronic, remotely-taught classes.
With ever-increasing costs, we will have a slight increase in the tuition this year.  The single student fee will cost $110, and a couple may take the class for $195.  The Grounds for Gardening notebook and the Core MG Manual will cost extra, if paper copies are desired. These will be included with your registration fee in electronic form on a USB flash drive.
For more information, please visit our web page at: http://extension.missouri.edu/nwregion/hort/MG/mg2.shtml.  There you will find complete information on Master Gardening, including volunteer requirements. There is also a registration form.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 660-663-3232. Tom Fowler can be reached at 816-279-1691.
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