According to recent information released by the Chillicothe Animal Shelter's Leslie Patek, the center upped its adoption numbers while decreasing euthanizations from 2011 to 2012.

In 2012, a total of 301 cats were brought in to the Animal Shelter on South Mitchell Ave., with 143 of those being adopted.

One hundred thirty-four cats were euthanized at the Shelter last year.

"We had all kinds of cat viruses [in 2012]," Patek explained.

In 2011, nine fewer felines (125) were adopted.

Comparatively, dog adoption numbers went up by 30 in 2012 — from 2011's 264 on the year to 294.

Only 83 canines were put to sleep in 2012.

"That is very few," Patek commented. "It was a lot higher than that [in 2011].

"We're doing a lot of rescue work," she continued. "Without rescue work — we couldn't survive without it."

This upcoming weekend, alone, Patek said, 30 animals are being shipped out from the Shelter, per rescue efforts.

And as for these first few months of the new year over at the CAS?

"This year is going very [positively]," Patek said. "Right now, we're doing good."