The Livingston County Community Foundation (LCCF) has announced a $2,000 grant to SALT (Simply Achieving Life's Triumphs), to go towards their general expenses.

SALT is a shelter providing housing and food for homeless men, women, and families in Livingston and the surrounding counties. They have been in operation since March 2011, and have provided over 2,000 bed nights for over 100 clients. Currently, they are hosting five clients, who have totaled 131 bed nights.

Since their opening, they have have added a nurse's station, on-site laundry, and recovery groups, and they are planning to provide life skills classes such as the SALT Academy, which helps adults acquire a high school diploma. They have a projected 2013 budget of $83,025.

The LCCF grant is paid $500 each quarter for one year, totaling $2,000, so the benefit is spread over the entire year. The funds come from the Permanent Endowment account of the organization. The Livingston County Community Foundation was organized in January of 1998, with the purpose of enhancing the quality of life for citizens of Livingston County through the generation and management of endowments and the awarding of grants to non-profit, tax-exempt organizations in the county. Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded 55 grants, totaling over $272,000.

To obtain more information on the Livingston County Community Foundation, contact Ron Wilder, at 646-0502, or email

To learn more about SALT, call their Executive Director, Jason Benson, at 530-7351, or email