The Chillicothe R-2 Board of Education approved bids on school picture providers and new lighting for the Chillicothe High School gymnasium on Tuesday night (Feb. 19).

R-2 Assistant Superintendent Jim Ruse presented the bids to the board.

In regards to the school district's student picture bid, said Ruse: "We received one bid from our current supplier."

That bid was from Bailey's Photo, Chillicothe. Ruse reported that prices on certain packages from Bailey's had "increased by anywhere from 0-20 percent" in cost from the prior year. The sports and graduation photograph packages, however, remained "unchanged."

Prices are as follows:

• Elementary and Middle School Yearbook (soft cover) — $21

• Student photo packages — $8-35

• Add-on Buys — $6

• Picture Magnets — $7

• Background, Focus, Retouching Options — $3 each

• Activities Packages — $15-18

• Group Only — $7-10

• Add-on Buys — $7-30

• Trader Wallets — eight for $12

• Dance/Prom Packages — $16-88

• Add-on Buys — $8

• Photo Keychain, Magnet, Button Options — $5 each

• Classroom Group and Spring Individual Photo Packages — $8-36

• Group Photos — $6-8

• Photo Magnets — $7

• Add-On Buys — $7 each

• Graduation — $10-30.

The district was offered single-year, three-year, and five-year contract options, with the multi-year options locking in prices at the single-year rates listed above.

The main difference between the three- and five-year options is reportedly the inclusion of an annual $250 scholarship from Bailey's each school year during the span of the five-year option (for a total of five scholarships for graduating CHS seniors, totaling $1,250). With the three-year contract, said scholarships would not be rewarded.

Ruse said that he had discussed the matter with Chillicothe R-2 Superintendent Dr. Roger Barnes prior to the Tuesday night meeting.

"I think we're leaning pretty heavily towards the five-year option," Ruse said.

The board saw no qualms with the recommendation, and added that they liked the idea of another scholarship offered for deserving graduates. Via unanimous decision, the five-year bid with Bailey's was approved.

Next up was a bid for light replacement within the Chillicothe High School gymnasium.

The district received five bids for said services, per Ruse, after putting out spec lists prior.

"[The bids] range from $9,265.19 to $15,799.30," he said.

The lowest bid came from Smith Electric & Design, LLC, in the amount of $9,265.19. Next was Phased Electric, at over $2,000 more — $11,500. MW Electric Supply submitted a bid for $12,735 for the services, while Gastineau Electric proposed $13,520.21. Fellhoelter Electric was the highest bidder, with the aforementioned $15,799.30.

Ruse said that during his discussions with each bidder, he had come to the conclusion that R-2 should also upgrade the type of lighting fixtures they were requesting to Atlas brand. Atlas brand fixtures are "heavier gauged," he said, and would likely hold up better with the beating they may take from balls flying throughout the gymnasium during sporting occasions than LSI fixtures would. This upgrade, however, would up the cost of the original bid by a few hundred dollars.

"I do recommend we accept the Smith Electric bid, plus $450 for upgrading to the Atlas fixtures," Ruse said.

The recommendation was brought to motion, seconded, and approved without dissent.