About twenty years ago, I decided we needed to establish a family doctor.

About twenty years ago, I decided that we needed to establish a family doctor. Dr. Webber had left Chillicothe in 1973; none of our family had seen a doctor in years. So, I made an appointment with the newest doctor in town. She just happened to be a lady.

She asked me what my problem was and I said nothing. That I just wanted to get our family set up with a doctor again, just in case. Later, I went back to see her and she found a melanoma cancer on me that was malignant; but that's another story.

On a subsequent visit,  I asked her about a little, hard knot oin my stomach about the size of a quarter. She told me it was just a fat nodule and not to worry.

That's when I remembered just what it really must be. I looked the doctor in the eye and told her what had happened. You see Doc, when we were first married in 1969 and my wife Carolyn made some homemade dumplings and I remember them sticking to everything in sight. They stuck to my bowl, to my teeth,and to my spoon. I just know that's what is stuck to the side of my belly just below my rib!

The doctor laughed and laughed; but I was serious. To this day, the little knot is still there. Too bad I didn't get the recipe, we would be rich today. Afterall, It was well before the days of Super Glue!

We have been together forty three years now and still I have never seen any dumplings come out looking or tasting the same way. We still laugh about her dumplings.  But I have never complained. I just ate them. Today, I have the best cook in the Midwest and my weight proves it. I am thinking that if they ever have to dig my grave up, that dumpling will still be there!



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