Chillicothe city street crews are still cleaning up from last week's snowstorm as the National Weather Service is predicting yet another major event for this area. Between six and 10 inches of snow is expected tonight (Monday) and into Tuesday.

In preparation for the expected storm, the city announced that it would enact its emergency snow route ordinance at 6 p.m., tonight. This means that all vehicles should be removed from the downtown streets, as well as off of the roads marked as emergency snow routes.

"We want to put this in effect early, in anticipation of what we went through just a few days ago," said Chillicothe Mayor Chuck Haney.

The storm last Wednesday and Thursday produced seven inches of snow in Chillicothe, making driving conditions treacherous. The weather service had issued a winter storm warning early, and had forecast heavy snow accumulations.

In anticipation of that storm, the city enacted the ordinance the evening before the storm was to arrive, giving individuals advanced notice to move their vehicles. Most vehicle owners abided by the ordinance. The following morning, when the snow hit, there were around 18 vehicles still parked in the streets. The vehicles in violation were reported to the police department, and police officers then contacted the owners. It is believed that all vehicles but one were moved by the owners. One had to be towed.

Arthur stated that crews plowed through the roads during the storm, and that once the roads were plowed through and the snow pushed back, crews then applied a 50-50 sand and salt mixture to areas near stop signs, intersections, and other areas.

City crews were still working today to remove piles of snow throughout town.

"We worked 14-hour days through Thursday and Friday, and had guys come in Saturday," said Street Superintendent Barry Arthur. "We got a lot hauled off."

While a few employees worked in town removing snow today, some crews were out at the municipal airport, taking care of snow removal.

Arthur anticipates that crews will return to work at 3 a.m., Tuesday, to start addressing issues from the new storm.

Arthur complimented his crews for their efforts from the last few days.

"Our guys have done a great job," he said. "They are tired and have been working many hours."

Warmer weather took care of some of the snow over the weekend. Sunday's temperature reached 40 degrees.

Winter Storm On Its Way

The weather service has issued a winter storm warming in effect from 9 p.m., today (Monday), through 9 p.m., Tuesday.

As of mid-morning, the snowfall was expected to begin tonight and persist throughout Tuesday. The heaviest snowfall is expected after midnight tonight, and through late Tuesday morning. The snow is expected to gradually diminish by Tuesday evening.

Snow accumulations are expected to be widespread, with amounts of at least six to 10 inches, although some areas could see up to 12 inches.

Strong northerly winds up to 30 mph are expected to be combined with moderate-to-heavy snowfall, resulting in near whiteout conditions by Tuesday morning. These conditions will result in snow-packed roads, and will make traveling hazardous. Motorists are reminded to only travel in an emergency, and to keep an extra flashlight, food, and water in their vehicles.

A high of 34 degrees is expected for Tuesday, and 36 for Wednesday.