Does anyone besides me find it hard to wrap your mind around Daylight Saving Time?  I'm happy they invented those clever phrases, Spring Forward, Fall Back.  They help us to remember which direction to set the clock.  I've yet to change the clock in my car though.  I keep meaning to, but if I procrastinate just a few more days it will be correct again. So this Sunday we "spring forward".  It sounds very positive, bouncing forward into spring!! We'll have sunshine in the morning, and it surely will be easier to get up. But wait, not so.  We lose an hour. If you get up at 6:00 AM regularly, your clock will say 6:00; but really it's 5:00 AM and dark outside.   You'll get off work, run home to cook dinner only to realize no one is hungry because it's really just 5:00 PM and your stomach hasn't "sprung forward" yet. 

There are serious Daylight Saving Time haters. Believe it or not, they have a Facebook page, interestingly enough called, I Hate Daylight Saving Time.  They have over 2200 likes.  Should you feel strongly about it, there's a petition to end DST you can actually sign online. Lots of comments as you might imagine.  One lady feels that DST is totally political, just another way the government controls things. Another Facebook friend is quite concerned about confusing our internal clocks and the mental health issues that might arise from exposure to DST for long periods.  I was happy to see one peace maker in the group, who felt a compromise of thirty minutes would make everyone happy.  However, I noticed she didn't say which direction, forward or back.

One valuable tidbit, it is Daylight Saving Time, no‘s’ on saving.  Who knew? So enjoy your weekend Boonville, set your clocks forward on Saturday night so you'll be on time for church Sunday morning.  And remember to always Buy Local, Play Local no matter what time it is!  GoBoonville!