The Livingston County 911 lines were being routed to the Grundy County Law Enforcement Center today (Monday) as the 911 system is moved from the Livingston County Sheriff's Office to the Chillicothe Police Department.

Non-emergency calls will still go to the police department and the sheriff's office for the remainder of the week.

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox stated that callers should not see any disruption in their ability to make a 911 emergency call, but should a call not go through they are asked to contact the Sheriff's Office at 660-646-0515, or the Chillicothe Police at 660-646-2121.

Thursday, March 14, is the target date for the Chillicothe Police Department Dispatch to go live receiving all 911 calls for Chillicothe and Livingston County. The CPD Dispatch will then also be responsible for dispatching the sheriff's department staff, rural fire, first responders, storm alerts, and all other dispatching duties.

"We are still working on the final procedures for the sheriff's office, as our building will not be staffed 24-hours-a-day starting Friday, March 15, 2013," Cox stated.

The Livingston County Commission and City of Chillicothe made a contractual agreement to combine all the 911 equipment and dispatching services.

"At this time, none of our dispatchers will be reporting to work for the City of Chillicothe," Cox said.

The county commission is providing a severance package to the current dispatch staff, just as they provided to the former detention officers when the jail was closed.

"I would personally like to commend our dispatch and emergency 911 staff for the professional job they have historically done, and continue to perform, in collecting and disseminating vital information, [keeping] accurate records, and [ensuring] safety to our citizens and law enforcement officers," Cox said.

"This entire process has been difficult on our staff, but they have remained dedicated and loyal to serving the citizens of Livingston County," he continued. "It has been my pleasure and an honor to have worked with these fine people, which also includes our past detention staff."

The Livingston County Commission is the supervising authority of the Livingston County 911 System, as it was voted on by the public.

Any questions, concerns, or comments may be made to the Livingston County Commission, Sheriff Steve Cox, or Chillicothe Police Chief Rick Knouse.