Sixty-eight residential structures in Chillicothe fail to meet city codes and are on a preliminary list for possible demolition. All of the identified structures have been unoccupied for at least a year.

Officials are now trying to identify a target area as part of its plan to apply for grant funding to assist with taking down some of the structures.

The total cost to demolish all 68 is estimated at $362,208, with the maximum grant amount possible, if approved, at $125,000. The city has identified nearly $39,000 that could be used for demolition, which is not enough to take down all of the structures.

The list, as presented to Chillicothe City Council members during their regular meeting Monday evening, identifies 10 structures in the First Ward, two in the Second Ward, 40 in the Third Ward, and 16 in the Fourth Ward. It was noted that the Third Ward is the oldest part of town.

The scope of the project, contingent upon grant funds, is expected to be identified by the time the city files its grant application in spring.