This blog is just telling you a little about myself. Where I come from, who I am, what made me who I am today. You'll learn the more blogs I post that each blog has a little more about me. I really hope you enjoy my blogs!

Where do I begin? I suppose I could start off with my name. Hey everyone, my name is Tiana Bedford. Born in Vietnam, Asia, raised in Nebraska, and my freshman year in high school moved to Kirksville, MO. I was adopted when I was eleven months old, and ever since then, lived life to the fullest. When I mean "lived my life to the fullest" I literally mean that. A lot of things have happened in my nineteen years of living. 

When I was born, I was born with a cleft pallet/cleft lip. A cleft pallet is basically an opened hole on the roof of your mouth. A cleft lip is basically an all the way through cut on your upper lip. Numerous surgeries were done on my cleft lip and pallet. I wore retainers after retainers, metal items I don't know names of, and constantly driving hours to an orothopedic surgeron. To this day I am wearing a retainer to cover up the hole on the roof of my mouth to help me talk better. 

People bullied me in school my entire school career. Called me names, said I had some sort of infection, and they would pretend to spray me with disinfectant spray. Don't feel sorry for me, I grew into the person that I am today because of those people. Throughout the years of finding a job, employers turned me down because of my cleft pallet/lip. They thought I was hard to "understand". 

Fast forwarding to 2008. I moved here because my mom had a job offer here, and we had two relatives that lived in Kirksville. Starting out as a freshman here was easy. I was a volleyball player, my cousin was relatively popular, and I could be whoever I wanted to be. To myself, I thought coming to a new school as a high schooler was going to be easy and smooth; I standed corrected. Kirksville High School was not different from the previous schools I've been to. Although I had to keep in mind that every school had a bully. 

The biggest years of living in Kirksville were 2010-2012. January 2010, I dropped out of high school to become home schooled due to school district. I coudln't handle the name calling, the bullying, the stress, depression, or the lack of teacher's willing to help. I became home schooled by Hannibal Christian Academy. Finished my Sophomore year, and first semester of Junior year. After my first semester of Junior year, I was never home schooled again. 

September 22, 2010, is the day I met a decent person, who now is my husband and father of my beautiful son, Ayden. Levi and I previously known each other in high school, but didn't associate. We were, and still are, from two different worlds. Levi and I are not your average relationship. We didn't fall in love over personalities, or smiles. We didn't decide to get married because we had to, or because we couldn't live without each other. We are the couple you'd call strong, unbreakable, or passionate. I'll tell you why. 

Thanksgiving-November 25, 2010, a horrible car accident happened. (In another blog I will write more in depth of the car accident.) I was put in University of Columbia SICU for three weeks, and Rusk Rehabilitation for another week. Doctors gave me a 30% chance of living. Came home on Christmas Eve. Those three weeks of being hooked to several different tubes, not being able to talk, and being in a tremendous amount of pain, I learned something special about Levi. He was compassionate, loving, and a fighter. He was at my bedside every weekend watching basketball games, watching music videos, cartoons, watching the nurses take care of me, give me swabs, and change dressings. That's what made me fall in love with him. In the mist of all the "excitement" going on, he proposed to me December 10, 2010. A check "yes" or "no" proposal. Since I couldn't talk, he thought it'd be fair if he didn't talk either. 

June 9, 2011, Levi and I found out we were having a baby. We, as a seventeen year old and twenty-one year old, were frightened. Not knowing how to handle the situation, how to tell the parents, how to go about anyting. Our minds were blank! After finding out we were expecting, we did all the right things. Took care of doctor appointments, ate right, did all the natural things a pregnant woman should do. At twenty-nine weeks I went into premature labor. Fortunately, they were able to stop the contractions, and send me on my merry way. 

Thirty-seven weeks-January 15, 2012, Ayden Levi Bedford is born. 8:21pm, 6lbs 13oz. Most precious thing I've ever seen. Labor was well, and we were both healthy. The hospital kept us for twelve hours and sent us home. Two days later I had severe pain throughout my body, couldn't be touched without crying, couldn't walk without screaming, couldn't do anything without being in the smallest amount of pain. Levi insisted on taking me to the emergency room because he was worried about me, and noticed swelling throughout my body. Hours of being in the emergency room, and the last thing I remember was coming back from a CT scan. 

I woke up in ICU a week later from being sedated. The nurse and doctor told me I had Strep A bacteria, which is a toxic bacteria that runs throughout your body. They gave me a 20% chance of living. Very uncommon to get, and rarely do people know how they got it. When I woke up I saw baby pictures of my son, but at the time I didn't know he was my son. In my head, I was still pregnant. Repeatedly, people had to tell me what happened, what was done to me, and where my son was. Ayden was put on the fourth floor because I had Strep A, so did he. The doctors figured him and I were infected when he was born. I spent two weeks in the ICU at Northeast Regional. The last three days of my stay, I transfered to the fourth floor to be reunited with Ayden. (More will be explained in another blog.) 

Three months finally pass, and I finally start bonding with my son. I start to move around more, and become a little more active in my house. Walking was the hardest activity for me, it became a chore. Today, Ayden is a healthy one year old, who has ambitions and will power! He's strong and so unique. He's a blessing in disguise. 

September 22, 2012, Levi and I tie the knot! Our two year anniversary, we got married. 

All these challenges, obsticles, nightmares, made me who I am today. A strong, independent, intelligent woman. Through all the hard times, battles, blood, sweat, and tears, I became someone I never thought I'd become. I look at life in a whole different perspective. Never take life for granted! It's too short to waste time being mad, upset, guilty. Life isn't something to fill with regrets or sorrow, it's something to be thankful for. Be lucky that you've got a good life. Someone is always worse off than you, and better off than you. 

Thank you for reading!

Tiana B.