The Chillicothe R-2 Board of Education will hear several reports and program evaluations, as well as declare surplus property, designate a foster care children liaison, and discuss the district's food management services at their regular open meeting in the district headquarters (along Old Hwy. 36) on Tuesday night (March 19).

Reports from the R-2 maintenance, facilities, and custodial services departments are expected to come back extremely positive, and will include future facility upgrade plans (as laid out in "R-2 reports reveal future improvements"). The transportation services report also brings back high marks.

Reports regarding the technology plan note that insufficient time and resources are available for faculty training in regards to technology, and that some work could be done to improve the use of technology to enhance curriculum and to facilitate communication across the district.

"Training in each building would be more beneficial," the report states. "Faculty training has been done during the school day for Smart Boards, Google Sites, iPads, and Gaggle [Online Learning Site], and has been well-received and attended."

In a report regarding teachers, and signed off by elementary principals Rucker, Pohren, and Smith, it is mentioned that slight work could be done in finding and using an effective evaluation instrument for staff.

"The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education adopted new Teacher/Leader Standards in June 2011," the report says. "There are several options surfacing that 'address' the standards. The administrative team is collaborating to determine the best program."

The reports marks the 2013-14 school year as the goal date for implementation of the new standards.

Chillicothe Middle School, per Principal Steve Haley, reports no problems in teacher evaluations, giving high marks to the program used, "Go Observe."

Chillicothe High School Principal Brian Sherrow cites evaluation scheduling as a problem within his building during his report.

"With the various different distractions and changes to the educational calendar, it is very difficult to set an exact calendar (date) for evaluations in advance," he said.

CACE/BMP and Grand River Technical School both give straight "ones" (the highest mark available) across the board in their evaluation reports.

The board will be asked to declare well over 200 of the Chillicothe High School Library's dated Adult books surplus, with the date of said sale undetermined at this time; however, an item listed later in the meeting agenda suggests that the board will be deciding upon a date for a surplus auction on Tuesday night.

The board is expected to designate an educational liaison for foster care children at R-2, as well as hold a discussion in regards to the Food Management Services Program.

A date will be set for a special meeting of the board come Tuesday night, with the cause of such at this time undetermined. Superintendent Dr. Roger Barnes was interviewing candidates for district positions throughout the day Monday, and additional calls for information from the R-2 main office were left unanswered as of print time Monday.
Also Tuesday:

• Eric Reeter, GRTS Paramedic Instructor, will be requesting permission from the board to apply for a $2,500 Walmart Local Community Contribution Grant, with no match required by the district, for use in purchasing training equipment (an intubation mannequin and EZ IO trainer for EMS students).

• The board will hold their second reading on several policies assigned to each board member at the prior meeting.

• Students from the Chillicothe High School and CACE/BMP will be recognized.

• The Ag Issues Team will present "Career and Technical Education's Role in High Schools."

A closed executive session is set to take place following the regular public meeting, for the purpose of meeting, voting upon, and taking record of business regarding students, litigation, real estate, and personnel (specifically mentioned, "resignations/retirements" and "hiring of staff."